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Domain Registration

Affordable Domain Name Registration Services

Cheap Domain Registration and Transfer

At MechanicWeb, we charge lowest possible prices for our products & services. Because we value our relationship with you and believe in long term relation rather than making quick profits and charging whatever you can afford. We do not do that. We keep the price low, keep our services affordable for everyone and do not compromise until your demands are met.

There is no gimmick, no hidden charge, registering domains with MechanicWeb is affordable and as smooth as a breeze. Even more. You get tons of freebies and premium services when you register your domain with us.

TLD Registration Renewal Transfer
com ৳ 1,139 ৳ 1,139 ৳ 1,139
net ৳ 1,329 ৳ 1,329 ৳ 1,329
org ৳ 1,249 ৳ 1,249 ৳ 1,249
biz ৳ 1,259 ৳ 1,259 ৳ 1,259
info ৳ 1,169 ৳ 1,169 ৳ 1,169
ca ৳ 1,649 ৳ 1,649 ৳ 1,649
us ৳ 989 ৳ 989 ৳ 989
eu ৳ 989 ৳ 989 ৳ 989
co ৳ 3,039 ৳ 3,039 ৳ 3,039
de ৳ 1,179 ৳ 1,179 ৳ 1,179

FREE Add-ons With Every Domain Name

Complete DNS Management
Complete DNS Management

Free lifetime DNS service to manage your DNS records on globally distributed and highly redundant DNS infrastructure.

Domain Registrar Lock & Theft Protection
Domain Registrar Lock & Theft Protection

Protect your domains from being transferred out accidentally or without your permission with our free domain theft protection & registrar lock.

Bulk Tools For Domain Management
Bulk Tools For Domain Management

Easy to use bulk tools to help you register, renew, transfer and make other changes to several domains in a single step.

Domain Forwarding & Masking
Domain Forwarding & Masking

You can forward and point your domain name to another website to redirect users with/without domain masking right from your control panel!

Free Email With Spam & Virus Protection
Free Email With Spam & Virus Protection

Receive 2 personalized email addresses such as [email protected] with free fraud, spam and virus protection.

Free Email Forwards
Free Email Forwards

Create and manage email forwards for free and automatically redirect your email to existing email accounts.

What Is A Domain?

A 'domain' or 'domain name' is an address of a website on the internet. Think of the address of your home. Anyone who knows your home address gets the direction to your home and can reach you at your home. Similarly, your domain works as an address of your website on the internet. Anyone knowing your domain name can visit your website easily. Like the address of your home, a domain is also unique. Once you have your own domain name, no one else can have the same domain name. Read more about domains here.

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