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GroupOffice Spam Filtering

Best Alternative to Google Apps, Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Email

Advanced Spam & Virus Filtering – 99% Less Spam

We combine several spam & virus fighting techniques in order to keep your inbox safe and clean. Our technology is extremely accurate and eliminates 99% of all spam & viruses before reaching your inbox while not generating false positives.

Local Email Filtering

Emails sent among users of same domain are never filtered for spam and only checked for viruses. This eliminates internal false positives while preventing virus outbreaks within organization.

Automatic Whitelisting

Our system detects the people that you communicate most often with and will automatically whitelist your recipient on the way back, bypassing all spam filters. However, virus filtering will still be active.

No Outbound Email Filtering

Our service never filters outbound emails sent to remote recipients. There is therefore no worry that messages might be discarded from our end.

Inbound Email Filtering

Incoming emails are filtered through several layers before arriving in your inbox or spam folder:

The filtering system can be configured individually or domain wide. Individual settings will always override domain wide settings. Here are some of the settings you can adjust:

Spam & Hardspam

We have introduced spam and hardspam folders to declutter your spam folder. Emails with more than 70% spam probability are put into hardspam folder. Emails with 50%-70% spam probability are put into spam folder. This makes reviewing emails in spam folder easier and less time consuming since you have much less messages to look at.

Email Retraining

Emails that were incorrectly classified can easily be retrained through two methods:

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