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R1Soft CDP Backup

Daily R1Soft CDP Backups with 30 Restore Points & 30 Days Retention

Daily R1Soft CDP Backups on Remote Server

Backup is another important aspect of web hosting and it is extremely important that whichever providers you work with, have backups available in the event the server runs into unforeseen circumstances. At MechanicWeb, we are serious about data safety and its backups. We perform backups daily, store them on a separate, remote server, and maintain them with a strong backup policy in force.

Daily Remote R1Soft CDP Backup
Daily Remote R1Soft CDP Backup

We use R1Soft CDP to automatically create backups of your entire web hosting once per day and store it on a remote server for up to 30 days. You can restore your complete data with the click of a mouse right from your cPanel.

Multiple Backups and Restore Points
Multiple Backups and Restore Points

MechanicWeb is one of the few hosting providers offering daily backups with up to 30 restore points. The backups are stored on a remote server to make sure backup is available, as you need. You can also generate full cPanel backups.

Optional CodeGuard Cloud Backup
Optional CodeGuard Cloud Backup

CodeGuard takes automatic incremental backups and stores it on the cloud while offering frequent restore options. It is inspired by problems faced by small business owners. Therefore, it knows exactly what you need, when and how you need it.

Multiple Backups with 30 Restore Points

Having a backup is crucial and we want to make sure it is available and ready, as you need. We backup your entire hosting accounts on a remote server using R1Soft CDP (Continuous Data Protection) on a daily basis. We are upfront and transparent about our backups and backup policy so that you know what it means and how it can help you. The service is FREE to all shared & reseller hosting customers.

Backup Types

Remote and local backups. We store the backups on a separate server in a remote location. This ensures that your data is always kept safe in the unlikely event the server runs into an unforeseen circumstance.

You can create downloadable partial and/or full cPanel backups using the backup options available on your hosting control panel. The backups are primarily stored locally on the same server your websites are on.

R1Soft CDP Backups

We use R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to back up your entire web hosting account. It is a renowned industry leader for backing up data and one of the most effective solutions available.

What is Continuous Data Protection?

Continuous Data Protection or CDP refers to a method used within R1Soft to provide high performance server backups in any time intervals with little impact on the server or website performance.


One backup will be carried out once per day. If you need more frequency, you may consider our CodeGuard cloud backup.

Restore Points

MechanicWeb is one of the few providers offering as many as up to 30 restore points for R1Soft CDP Backups. Most providers who offer R1Soft backups only provides 7 or 14 restore points. We recognize that having more restore points can be of greater safety. Therefore, we ensure that at any point in time, you will have up to 30 restore points, one taken per day, over the past 30 days.

Nightly Backups

Each night starting at 12:00 AM server local time, our systems perform full and/or incremental backups of all the data files and folders within our shared hosting environment.


Backups are stored daily for a holding period of up to 30 days from the date the backups were generated. That means at any point in time, you can have up to 30 backups, one taken per day, over the past 30 days.


R1Soft CDP Backups are available to all shared hosting customers through R1Soft plugin integrated directly into cPanel.

Accessing Backups

R1Soft CDP Backups can be accessed through R1Soft plugin integrated into cPanel hosting control panel dashboard. Backups are displayed in chronological order and you can then open the folder in which you want to restore a file, and have it restored back to your account within minutes. In the unlikely event of a hardware failure or other data loss, we can also restore an entire server in a very short amount of time.


You can restore a backup using 'R1Soft Restore Backups' integrated directly into cPanel. At any point in time, a client can have up to 30 backups available. This means that each cPanel account can have up to 30 Restore Points (1 taken per day over the past 30 days). This is a complementary service and free of charge.

You may also request us to restore your own full cPanel backup files and in most cases, we will be able to restore them for you. We will only be able to undertake this task once a week. Restoration of backups provisioned by us is free of cost. If a full cPanel backup is provided by you then we will always restore it for free.

Maintaining Your Own Backups

We strongly recommend that you implement your own continuity plan for taking your own periodic backups from your web hosting account and store them at your end and not just rely on us entirely, or on any other provider for that matter, so that you have multiple options in case of necessity for a restore. You can easily accomplish this using the backup options available from your cPanel dashboard.


Backup provisioning and restoration are extremely time and resource intensive tasks. As a standard practice with any other provider, it is a complimentary service based on best effort service provided outside of our core hosting services. While we do our best to ensure all your data is kept safe, you are still responsible to store and maintain your own off server backups. The final responsibility for all backups of all data on your hosting accounts rests with you.


For VPS, managed servers and standalone email solutions, we do not maintain any backup that can be restored on a per server or account basis. For managed servers, you can avail R1Soft and additional storage as add-ons and request us for backup configuration and we will be able to set this up for you.

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