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Reseller Hosting Features

Powered by CloudLinux & LiteSpeed - 9x Faster than Apache

Reseller Hosting Feature List

We deploy state of the art technology to deliver optimum performance, uptime, and security. While your journey with us evolves, in no time, you will find that we have gone beyond offering services with standard features and focused more on features that are useful to today's businesses.

Your Benefits
Dev Features
  • Softaculous Auto Script Installer
  • PHP Versions 7.4 - 5.2
  • PHP Version Selector
  • Custom PHP Settings (.htaccess)
  • MariaDB Database Server
  • MySQL Full Support, PostgreSQL
  • ionCube Loader
  • Zend Optimizer
  • Ruby on Rails
  • GD2, ImageMagick
  • cURL, Cron Jobs
  • CGI, Perl, Python, SendMail
  • FTP, File Manager, Web Disk
  • DNS Editor, SSH Access (Jailed)
  • SNI (Server Name Indication)
  • Custom Error Pages
Email Features
  • MailChannels Cloud Spam Filter
  • IP Blacklist Protection
  • Spam & Virus Protection
  • Custom Mailbox Size
  • Autoreply, Calendar, Contacts
  • Catch All/Default Address
  • Mailing List/Group
  • Email Forwarding, Email Piping
  • Email Alias, Email Domain Alias
  • POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, Webmail
  • SSL/TLS, GnuPG Encryption
  • Track Delivery, Grey List, Filters
  • Auto Client Configuration
  • User & Account Level Spam Filter
  • Optional Archiving (Automatic BCC)
Software and Server
  • NVMe SSD Drives NVMe SSD Drives
  • 10 MB/s Disk I/O Speed
  • Hardware RAID10 SSD Array
  • 1 GB/s Network Port Speed
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • CloudLinux Operating System
  • CageFS LVE Isolation
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server
  • LSCache (LiteSpeed Cache)
  • CloudLinux Kernel Security
  • CSF Web Application Firewall
  • ModSecurity, IP Blocker
  • Hotlink, Leech Protection
  • Password Protected Directories
  • AWStats, Webalizer, Visitors Log
  • Error Log, Raw Access Log

Fully White-Labeled Reseller Hosting in Your Brand

Fully White Label Reseller Hosting
Fully White Label Reseller Hosting

From server hostnames to IPs and software licenses, everything is white labeled. We remain hidden to your clients, and our name won't appear anywhere so that your clients can never know our name.

Custom Nameservers in Your Brand
Custom Nameservers in Your Brand

We will set up custom nameservers on your reseller hosting account using your domain. You and your customers can use as nameservers for your hosting.

WHMCS Sales, Billing & Support Portal
Discounted WHMCS Software License

We offer heavily discounted WHMCS licenses. It is a complete automation solution for client management, sales, billing, support, and many other aspects of hosting business.

Brandable Hosting Control Panel
Brandable Hosting Control Panel

Reseller hosting comes with WHM and cPanel. You can brand them with your logo, name, contact information, and URLs so that your name is displayed on the hosting control panels.

Easy Seamless Scalability & Flexibility
Easy Seamless Scalability & Flexibility

You control the overall resource allocation to fit your clients' needs best. As your business grows, upgrading is seamless and involves no downtime or service interruption whatsoever.

Free Premium Reseller Hosting Tools
Free Premium Reseller Hosting Tools

We have included a reseller account to sell domains, SSL, hosted email, and security services for free. You will also get unlimited SSL certificates for free as gratitude of your venture with us!

Proven Web Hosting Technology

We are able to deliver guaranteed and consistent performance by leveraging the latest and proven technologies on our enterprise-grade infrastructure. We continue to be involved in the latest technologies as they progress and become more openly available for clients.

MariaDB Database Server for MySQL
MariaDB Database Server for MySQL

MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. The original developers of MySQL created MariaDB after Oracle purchased MySQL. It is designed to run MySQL, fully compatible, delivers more stability and performance.

High Available Globally Distributed DNS
High Available Global Network & DNS

DNS is the single most crucial element for your websites and emails. If it fails, everything will fail and become inaccessible. Strategically located data centers ensure high availability, lower latency, faster and uninterrupted access to websites and emails.

Dedicated 1 GB/s Server Uplink
Dedicated 1 GB/s Server Uplink

Our reseller hosting is designed to handle data traffic in large volumes. We equip the servers with dedicated 1 GB/s uplink to allow faster data transfer rate, low latency, and smooth access to your websites and emails across continents.

Spam Free Email - No More IP BlackLists

At MechanicWeb, we recognize the importance of email as a primary method for business communication. Email is one of our core products, so we have extended the features and consistency of email that comes with web hosting. Say goodbye to your sent emails being marked as spam at the recipient's end due to IP blacklists. We provide MailChannels Outbound Spam Filter for free, which stops 99.9% unsolicited emails from leaving the network. This improves IP reputation, prevents IPs from being blacklisted, and improves email delivery.

Spam Free Email Powered by MailChannels
Spam Free Email by MailChannels

The email comes with powerful spam and virus protection, MailChannels Outbound Spam Filter, SSL/TLS encryption, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, webmail, forwarder, catch all, autoreply, and many more features.

Email Archiving (Automatic BCC)
Optional Archiving (Automatic BCC)

Email archiving lets you store a copy of all incoming, outgoing, or mailing list messages to and from all email addresses of your domains for a specified amount of time. You can download the messages or view them using webmail.

Optional Enterprise Email Solution
Optional Enterprise Email Solution

We recognize the importance of email for your business. We are ready with our optional hosted email solutions when you need superior security, consistency, spam filtering, and other communication resources.

Unlimited Free SSL Certificates

Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

You and your clients can install SSL Certificates for free using Let's Encrypt from the hosting control panel to secure your websites and emails. SNI is enabled on our servers. Therefore, no IP needed, no hidden cost, and no setup fee!

SNI Enabled - SSL Without Dedicated IP
SNI Enabled - SSL Without Dedicated IP

A costly dedicated IP is no longer required to install SSL. With SNI enabled on our servers, the cost of installing SSL is even less. On top of that, we offer SSL for free! No hidden cost, no setup fee, no need of expensive dedicated IPs!

Optional DV and EV SSL Certificates
Optional DV and EV SSL Certificates

Encrypt the connection between your server and visitors to safeguard personal information, eCommerce transactions, sensitive data, and more. We have made available a wide range of optional premium SSL certificates.

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NVMe SSD Hosting
NVMe SSD Hosting
Uptime You Can Trust
Uptime You Can Trust
Spam Free Email
Spam Free Email
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