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LiteSpeed Cache

Comprehensive Optimization for WordPress and Other CMS

LiteSpeed Cache for Ultimate Optimization

LiteSpeed Cache is a highly flexible website optimization solution that works seamlessly with CDN. It dramatically reduces page load times and handles traffic spikes through intelligent server-level full-page cache, image optimization, and page optimization techniques. It can cache dynamic content like shopping cart items and logged-in member pages by leveraging ESI.

LiteSpeed Cache
Page Speed Acceleration
Page Speed Acceleration

LiteSpeed Cache is a powerful and flexible server-level full-page cache built directly into LiteSpeed Web Server. It turbo charges your website, optimizes performance, and improves PageSpeed scores with little to no configuration required.

Cache Dynamic Content with ESI
Cache Dynamic Content with ESI

ESI creates dynamic fragments to cache dynamic content privately, such as shopping cart items & user preferences in WooCommerce & other shopping carts. It does not need any round trip requests to the server, saving time and boosting website speed.

Page and Image Optimization
Page and Image Optimization

LiteSpeed Cache reduces image size, clears CSS bloat, minifies CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, and converts images to WebP format to improve page load times. It saves time by prioritizing the media necessary to fill the current viewport.

Cache Plugins for Popular Web Apps

LiteSpeed Cache is designed to automatically optimize your website performance. Its cache plugins are highly customizable, packed with cutting-edge features, and require little to no configuration, which makes them the ideal solution to speed up your web applications.

LSCache Plugin for WordPress
LiteMage Extension for Magento 1.X and 2.X
LSCache Plugin for Joomla
SCache Module for PrestaShop
LSCache Extension for OpenCart
LSCache Module for Drupal 8
LSCache Addon for xenForo 1.X and 2.X
LSCache Extension for MediaWiki
LSCache Package for Laravel
LSCache Extension for Shopware
LSCache Extension for CS.Cart

Key Features

  • Server-Level Full-Page Cache
  • Intelligent Cache Management
  • Browser Cache Support
  • Automatic Optimization
  • Better Handling of Traffic Spikes
  • Native Plugins for Popular CMS
  • eCommerce Support
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Dynamic Content Cache
  • Edge Side Includes (ESI)
  • Private Cache
  • Tag Based Smart Purge
  • Image Optimization
  • Page Optimization
  • CSS/JavaScript/HTML Minification
  • CSS/JavaScript Combination
  • Lazy Load Images
  • Database Optimization
  • CDN Integration
  • Cloudflare CDN Integration
  • Cache Crawler
  • HTTP/2 Push
  • Guest Mode
  • Stale Cache

One Stop Optimization Solution

LiteSpeed Cache is easy to use and highly customizable but packed with many powerful optimization features. Unlike other cache solutions, it is built directly into LiteSpeed Web Server. Cache plugins are available for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and other popular web apps. You will not need another optimization plugin after using LiteSpeed Cache.

Ultimate Optimization
Ultimate Optimization

LiteSpeed Cache's advanced full-page cache and optimization features automatically employ the best practices to your website to achieve a high Page Speed score. It boosts page load time and allows an exceptional user experience. CDN Integration CDN Integration integrates seamlessly with LiteSpeed Cache, and can serve both static and dynamic content of your website from its edge servers. It speeds up your website by serving content from locations that are geographically closer to your visitors.

Cloudflare CDN Integration
Cloudflare CDN Integration

LiteSpeed Cache has native support for Cloudflare. By default, it does not cache dynamic content. But it has more nodes than It can be used to serve static content while leaving the dynamic requests for to improve page load times.

Native HTTP/2 Push
Native HTTP/2 Push

HTTP/2 Push reduces the number of requests needed to load a web page by sending the included CSS and JavaScript files when the page is initially requested, without waiting for a separate request. Fewer requests speed up page load times.

Browser Cache Support
Browser Cache Support

Browser cache speeds up page load times by storing static content locally on the browser. It is faster and takes fewer requests to load a web page when an image is pulled from the device's local storage than transferring it across the internet.

Private Cache
Private Cache

Private cache allows privately caching publicly uncacheable pages. When the content is pertinent only to the user who requests it, i.e., logged-in user pages, it creates a private cache of the page accessible only to the user, barring public access.

All-in-One WordPress Optimization

All-in-One WordPress Optimization

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress provides robust performance optimization that is impossible for other solutions to replicate due to its native integration into LiteSpeed Web Server - a feat unique to LiteSpeed.

It is the only optimization solution you need to speed up your WordPress websites. You can supercharge your WordPress websites within minutes by enabling LiteSpeed Cache.

Cache plugins are easy to use but highly customizable and integrate with and Cloudflare CDN.

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