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LiteSpeed Web Server

Litespeed Web Server - 9x Faster than Apache

LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server

LiteSpeed is an enterprise grade web server. Apache is the default web server of Linux, which is free. LiteSpeed is paid software that is blazing fast and more stable. It is 9 times faster than Apache, PHP processing is 50% faster and can serve static content up to 5 times faster, dynamic content up to 40 times faster, and SSL (HTTPS) up to 3 times faster.

LiteSpeed Web Server - 9x Faster than Apache
Native Application Optimization
Native Application Optimization

LiteSpeed allows seamless integration for popular platforms such as WordPress and Magento to provide in-server caching, reducing the TTFB/TTLB into milliseconds. It also allows native GZIP compression and Smart Keep Alive.

Fast Page Load Time
Fast Page Load Time

LiteSpeed Web Server increases server efficiency and performance, reduces hosting issues, and improves website speed in the process. As a result, your websites benefit from faster page load times without any change to your websites.

Increased Server Security
Increased Server Security

LiteSpeed Web Server is mod_security compatible and has native protection for a variety of threats including DDoS and SSL Renegotiation attacks. It can prevent forkbombs attacks and deny buffer overrun attempts.

License Domain Limit Workers RAM Limit .htaccess ESI LSCache Price
OpenLiteSpeed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Partial No Yes Free
Site Owner 5 1 8 GB Full Support Yes Yes $9.90
Site Owner Plus 5 1 Unlimited Full Support Yes Yes $14.90
Web Host Lite Unlimited 1 8 GB Full Support Yes Yes $24.90
Web Host Essential Unlimited 1 Unlimited Full Support Yes Yes $33.90
Web Host Professional Unlimited 2 Unlimited Full Support Yes Yes $43.90
Web Host Enterprise Unlimited 4 Unlimited Full Support Yes Yes $64.90
Web Host Elite Unlimited Configurable Unlimited Full Support Yes Yes $91.90
Caching Publicly Cached Objects per Magento Installation/User Price
LSCache - Free
LiteMage Starter + LSCache Up to 1,500 Free
LiteMage Standard + LSCache Up to 25,000 $40.00
LiteMage Unlimited + LSCache Unlimited $100.00

Key Features of LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server is a feature packed web server software which is a drop-in replacement to Apache. It is natively supported by many control panels. These are the key features of the web server software:

Basic Features
  • HTTP/2 Support
  • HTTP 1.0/1.1 compliant
  • PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java
  • LSAPI, CGI, FCGI, AJPv13, Proxy
  • HTTPS, SNI and OCSP stapling
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • IP and name-based virtual hosting
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • GZIP compression
  • SPDY/2, 3, and 3.1 support
  • WebSocket proxying
  • Apache compatible
  • Drop-in Apache replacement
  • Full .htaccess support
  • Apache core modules compatible
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Tiny memory footprint
  • 50x faster dynamic content
  • 40x better performance with LSAPI
  • 5x faster static content
  • 3x faster HTTPS
  • Sendfile() & Asynchronous I/O
  • Built-in page caching (LSCache)
  • Edge Side Includes (ESI)
  • Advanced .htaccess caching
  • CloudLinux LVE compatibility
  • Increased application scalability
  • Web application buffering
  • CPU affinity & Graceful Restart
  • Instant recovery from service failure
  • Anti-DDoS per-IP throttling
  • System overload prevention
  • ModSecurity compatibility
  • ModSecurity request filtering
  • External App. Resource Control
  • SSL renegotiation protection
  • Strict HTTP request validation
  • Deny buffer overrun attempts
  • CloudLinux CageFS compatibility
  • Chroot server, virtual host or apps
  • Restrain virtual hosts
  • Symbolic link settings
  • Strict ownership checking
  • Restricted permission masks
Ease of Use
  • Multiple versions of PHP
  • Geo-IP lookup
  • cPanel official support
  • DirectAdmin official support
  • Webuzo official support
  • Virtual host templates
  • Real-time service monitoring
  • Stream logs to external logger
  • Custom log formatting
  • Backend load balancing
  • MS FrontPage server extensions
  • mp4/flv streaming

Key Benefits of LiteSpeed Web Server

Faster, More Secure PHP

LiteSpeed's LSAPI allows faster, more stable dynamic web pages. It can deliver 50% greater performance than Apache with mod_php. It reduces overhead and improves performance by forking new processes from a constantly running parent process as opposed to creating completely new processes. It makes PHP more secure by running each PHP process as the user who owns the account, dividing resource usage for easy identification, as well as greater separation from the web server (lshttpd) processes. This means that even if one user on a server is compromised, PHP scripts run from their account will not have any access to other users' files. In addition, LiteSpeed PHP allows PHP configuration in .htaccess, which is not available with phpsuexec or suphp implementations.

GZIP Compression

LiteSpeed Web Server's gzip compression feature allows you to reduce page load times and save bandwidth by compressing the files sent to the client browser. it can be enabled on specified types of data at any level. It can also create pre-gzipped files, ready to be served to the user at any moment.

Smart Keep Alive

Unlike Apache, LiteSpeed intelligently enables Keep Alive for media content such as images, CSS, and JavaScript, but does not enable it for dynamic content (e.g. PHP), reducing RAM usage in the process.

Event-Driven Architecture

LiteSpeed Web Server serves all connections on a few processes, saving resources. This efficient method of serving connections allows it to serve a large number of clients concurrently, at a much higher rate, while minimizing the number of processes and threads. This results in a significant reduction in memory consuption and CPU usage.

HTTP/3 and HTTP/2 Support

HTTP/3 and HTTP/2 are proven to enable faster page load speeds and allow HTTPS websites to automatically benefit from better performance in modern web browsers. HTTP/3 is more efficient, more compact, and less error-prone. It is also a replacement for Google’s SPDY.

Hosting Control Panel Native Support

LiteSpeed Web Server is natively integrated into many hosting control panels, allowing them to co-exist seamlessly in a beneficial manner.

Compatible with Apache And Its core modules

LiteSpeed has been designed to read and run off Apache's httpd.conf and .htaccess files. It is fully compatible with and a drop-in replacement for Apache. It has full .htaccess support and is compatible with all Apache core modules, including mod_rewrite, mod_security, mod_include, and mod_cache.

.htaccess cache

.htaccess files add a significant delay to serving pages in Apache because it checks every directory for .htaccess files. LiteSpeed uses intelligent caching to make use of .htaccess files which increases performance.

ModSecurity Request Filtering

LiteSpeed allows the use of mod_security configuration within your httpd.conf, allowing sophisticated rules for filtering out attacking requests by checking for known attack signatures. Unlike the Apache and mod_security combination, LiteSpeed is implements the rule sets in more efficiently and allows grouping of related rules for an even greater increase in performance.

DDoS Protection

LiteSpeed Web Server has per-IP connection, request, and bandwidth throttling. IPs that make too many connections or requests or ask for too much bandwidth will be blocked, stopping attackers before they overrun the server. It can also identify the site that is the target of such an attack via the real-time statistics console.

External Application Firewall

LiteSpeed web server can forward requests to external applications (CGI, FastCGI, web server, servlet engine, LSAPI etc.) to process and generate dynamic content. Those applications may use a lot of system resources, and the performance of the whole system can be degraded if resource consumption becomes too high. LiteSpeed can set caps on external application resource usage to prevent DoS attacks (like forkbombs) that target your applications.

Chroot Ability

Change root functions allow you to place either an individual web application, virtual host, or the whole web server in a virtual root directory (sometime called a "jail") and limit access outside of that root directory. This keeps attacks that may compromise a single application, user, or the web server from affecting the rest of the system.

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