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MailChannels Cloud

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Outbound Filtering - prevents IPs from getting blacklisted offering full IP reputation protection.

MailChannels Outbound Spam Filter

MailChannels Cloud can identify senders or scripts sending spam, prevent spam from leaving the network, and send out notifications. MechanicWeb provides MailChannels Outbound Filtering for free with select hosted email, shared, and reseller hosting services. MailChannels Outbound Filtering ensures the emails you send are reaching the recipient's inbox and not being marked as spam.

MailChannels Spam Filter

When you send an email, the IP of the mail server is included in the email header. If the IP has a low reputation or is listed on a blacklist, the recipient's server will mark your email as spam, and the intended recipient will receive the email in their spam folder. This, in turn, results in additional issues for you and your business. MailChannels Outbound Filtering helps improve IP reputation and prevent it from being blacklisted by preventing unwanted spam emails from leaving the server/network.

Improve Email Delivery
Improve Email Delivery

MailChannels Outbound Spam Filter improves email delivery drastically. It filters out spam emails before leaving our network and keeps the IPs clean from blacklists in the process. This ensures the emails you send reach the recipient's inbox and are not marked as spam.

Avoid IP Blacklisting
Avoid IP Blacklisting

The most common reason for IP blacklisting is outgoing spam. MailChannels Outbound Spam Filter proactively detects and stops spam before leaving our network. This helps avoid IP blacklisting, cuts the time needed for delisting, and allows a seamless email experience.

Improve IP Reputation
Improve IP Reputation

We reduce the amount of spam leaving our network by detecting and stripping them out at the transport level, which improves the reputation of our server IPs that send emails. The better the reputation, the better the odds your recipient email servers will accept the messages.

Monthly Quota Type Price
20,000 Email Messages MailChannels Outbound Spam Filter $50
40,000 Email Messages MailChannels Outbound Spam Filter $80
How Does an IP Get Blacklisted?

Spam is one of the common reasons for an IP getting blacklisted. When many spam emails originate from an IP, the IP ends up on a blacklist. Many issues can cause such spam emails. If you are using a shared server where many people share the same IP, anyone sending out spam in bulk will result in the IP being blacklisted.

If you have a website, intruders might make use of an outdated or poorly written script to gain access to your website and start sending outgoing spam emails. A virus or malware on the server or device you use to access email can also begin to send outgoing spam emails. If you are not protected by any outgoing spam filter, there is nothing to stop these spam emails. It will eventually lower your IP reputation, and the IP will get blacklisted.

Key Benefits of MailChannels Outbound Spam Filter

Improved Email Deliverability and Increased Security

It automatically prevents outbound spam and detects compromised email accounts, hacked servers, and exploited WordPress scripts originating spam. It then sends out a notification to you listing the compromised users and scripts. This helps you secure compromised scripts and users. This, in turn, prevents your IPs from getting blacklisted, improves IP reputation, and helps deliver your emails to recipients’ inboxes instead of being marked as spam.

No More IP Blacklisting or Email Problems

IP blacklists like Spamhaus can wreak havoc on your ability to deliver email reliably when compromised user accounts and applications such as WordPress start sending out spam. MailChannels identifies these compromised accounts and scripts, scrubs spam originated from them and notifies of the event. This helps prevent IP blacklisting and increases email deliverability.

World Class Spam and Phishing Detection Technology

MailChannels Outbound Filtering directs SMTP traffic through a series of analysis and filtering steps to identify the responsible sender, analyze message content, assess sender behavior, and then apply an appropriate rate-limiting or blocking policy. Similar email is then grouped into pools for sending through IP addresses that are optimized for that type of traffic. Finally, responses from email receivers are automatically categorized to provide feedback that helps identify abuse and improve delivery.

Compromised Account Detection

MailChannels Outbound Filtering uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning approaches to spot spam-like trends in the stream of outgoing email coming from your servers and applications. Additionally, MailChannels pinpoints the sending entity (whether it be a user, application, or server). When a flow of email traffic begins to look suspiciously “spammy,” MailChannels shuts it down and generates an informative notification that you can process either via an API webhook, or a human-readable email message to take action against the spammer.


When MailChannels identifies a spammer within your network, it sends you a notification so that you can proactively remove the spammer - for example, by disabling a user account or a WordPress plugin that has been compromised. Notifications are sent either via human-readable email or using a webhook, which enables you to shut down compromised accounts in seconds.

Digital Signature Analysis

MailChannels uses digital signature technology, checking the content of each email message against a real-time updated database of known spam signatures. A sudden uptick of spam messages identified in this way may trigger rate limiting or blocking of a sender.

Behavior Analysis

MailChannels tracks dozens of minute-by-minute statistics about each email sender. Unusual trends in message volume, suspicious content, recipient validation failures, and other statistical signals enable identification of spammers. It analyzes responses from email receivers to gauge whether receivers like the email being sent by your users, applications, and scripts. Based on this feedback, spammers can be identified even before other signals indicate a problem.

RBL and IP Reputation Analysis

MailChannels consults many external databases such as domain and IP reputation services to identify email messages relating to known spammers.

Multi-Password Support

MailChannels lets you create multiple passwords for SMTP authentication with the service. You can use a different password with each of your servers and retire old passwords with a single click if you need to shut down access because of a compromise or breach.

Multi-User Support

MailChannels lets you create unlimited web console logins for your staff. Select between regular and administrator access levels to provide appropriate access to technical staff and administrative staff.

Log Search

MailChannels logs every email delivery attempt made by your users, showing you what happened in case there’s a problem. Search through months’ of logs in seconds via an intuitive web interface to quickly answer questions about email delivery.


MailChannels provides easy-to-understand non-delivery reports (NDRs) when an email is rejected, helping users resolve their own delivery challenges. A link provided in each NDR takes the user to an “Insights” page where they review all of the email sent from their address. Insights reduces the amount of work you have to do as a service provider by helping users help themselves instead of calling your support desk.

100% Cloud-Based for Easy Setup and Zero Maintenance

As a cloud-based service, Outbound Filtering requires no hardware or software to install and maintain. You can use Outbound Filtering with any mail server or email service that supports SMTP authentication, including Exim, Postfix, G Suite, Office 365, Open-Xchange, Microsoft Exchange, SmarterMail, SendMail, IceWarp, and more! It also integrates with common hosting panels including WHMCS, cPanel, and Plesk.

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