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GroupOffice Basic

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GroupOffice Email Basic Features

Features listed here are for the Basic plan of GroupOffice Email. GroupOffice Enhanced plan has some more powerful features.

Large Storage - 25 GB Per User

Each mailbox comes with 25 GB storage. With this much storage, you won't ever have to erase another email.

Large Attachments

Emails up to 50 MB in size are allowed for sending and receiving in basic plan. Higher limit or easier distribution of documents is available to enhanced plan.

Dynamic Storage Allocation (Storage Pool)

Each customer receives a storage pool equal to number of mailboxes X 25GB which he can use to assign different storage quota to different mailboxes. For example, if someone subscribes to 5 mailboxes, he receives a storage pool of 125 GB. Now he can assign 105 GB to one mailbox while the rest can have 5 GB each.

Email Archiving (Automatic BCC)

Email archiving allows you to receive/store a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails of your domain in a global email archive. You can also have a copy of mailing list emails or choose which emails to store and specify the amount of time you want to store the emails. The archived emails can be viewed using webmail or mail client (e.g. outlook) via IMAP and can be downloaded to you PC using your control panel or FTP. This can be important in order to meet the most stringent compliance laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley. Contact us to discuss your options.

IMAP Archive

Each user has a special ARCHIVE folder in their IMAP account that holds a live, read-only archive of the previous 14 days. Every message in every folder is kept in case you accidently erase something important

Shared Email Folders

Shared email folders allow you to share your email folders with your co-workers. You can decide who can view which folder and if they can only view it or also modify it. Shared folders are accessible from your webmail and email client (e.g. outlook) through IMAP.

Catch All

The catch all email address receives all emails sent to an invalid or non-existent email address and can redirect them to another mailbox. For example, if you have only two email addresses – [email protected] and [email protected] but someone sends an email to [email protected], then your catch all email will receive this email. If you do not have catch all enabled, any email sent to an invalid address will get bounced.

Autoresponders & Away Message

The auto responder can automatically reply to emails you receive. You can set a custom message and attachment to be sent in the auto reply. You can use this to automatically reply with brochures to requests sent to [email protected], or with forms for e-mails sent to [email protected] You can also automatically send an ‘away message’ when you are not available or out of office.

Mailing List

Mailing list allows you to put multiple email addresses in a list and assign a single email address to send email to everyone in the list. When an email is sent to a list, everyone in that list will receive it. You can also set who can post to a list. Emails sent to a list can be distributed simultaneously to everyone in that list. It is highly useful to distribute incoming notices to all employees of the company at the same time for example.

Email Extensions (Disposable Address)

Email extensions allows you to uniquely extend your email address in order to create disposable addresses. Extensions take the form [email protected] and can either be defined by the user or left as wild cards. They can also be very useful when dealing with shared mailboxes but when you still need to address someone in particular. A support team will have the address [email protected] but an individual user from the team can give out [email protected] as his address.

Email Forwarding

You can effortlessly forward your mail to other accounts, set up an away message or create unique disposable user extensions. You can choose to send a copy of all your incoming messages to another account while also optionally maintaining local delivery of the messages.

Email Alias

Aliases are virtual valid email addresses attached to a real mailbox. For example, if you need three email addresses and only have one - [email protected], you can create two aliases – [email protected] and [email protected] Emails sent to these emails will be stored in [email protected] mailbox. This way you don’t have to maintain multiple mailboxes. You can even send emails using aliases.

Email Domain Alias

Instead of using multiple mailboxes for multiple domains, you can use one mailbox per user per domain by setting up all other domains as email domain alias. Every email account, alias or list that you create within your main domain will automatically be valid for all the defined alias domains. Whenever someone e-mails [email protected], the e-mail will be delivered to [email protected] and Joe only has to check one mailbox.

Search Folders & Labels

Search folder allows you to group email messages and put them in virtual folders or labels based on certain criteria. It does not create duplicates of your emails, only lets you view them in groups. You can for example create a search folder named ‘john’ that shows all the messages from ‘John Doe’, whenever you click on ‘john’ you can view all the emails from John in one place, without any extra effort. It is accessible from webmail and email client (e.g. outlook) through IMAP.

Incoming Filtering Rules

With incoming filtering rules you can organize incoming emails based on certain criteria: from, to, cc, subject, size, list-id, etc. Messages can be redirected to specific folders within each mailbox or can be sent to other email addresses.


SMTP, POP3, IMAP are connection protocols that a mail client (outlook, webmail etc.) uses when it connects to a mail server. We offer extremely fast SMTP, POP3 and feature rich IMAP implementations on a variety of ports with or without SSL/TLS encryption. Each service is load balanced and redundant. SMTP daemon is fully compatible with RFC 5321. We use the latest stable version of Dovecot as our POP3 & IMAP daemon. It is the most advanced IMAP daemon with full support for the IDLE command.

SSL & TLS Encryption

SSL/TLS is used to encrypt communication or connection between your email client (outlook, webmail etc.) and server to increase security. This also makes removes limitation for you from any ISP port blocking. We support both SSL & TLS encryption for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and Webmail. All of our services are secured with 256 bit encryption.

Multiple Webmail

Webmail allows you to access your email from any device that has an internet connection through a web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. We provide Atmail, RondCube, Horde & SquirrelMail for the end users and each administrator can decide which one they prefer. Each webmail is equipped with AJAX interface, rich html editor, multilingual support, shared calendars, address book, tasks and calDAV.


We take snapshots every night and keep them on a rotating loop for up to 14 days. Each week we make a backup that is stored off site in a secure location. We keep up to 1 month of backup data. This backup provides you an extra layer of safety in the very unlikely event of a server failure.

Email data can be very crucial for some people and therefore, we insist on creating your own backups and not just rely on us entirely, or on any other provider for that matter. To create and manage your own backups of your email accounts, see our FAQ.

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