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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a money back guarantee?

We offer a money back guarantee for both Managed and Unmanaged VPS. Please find more details here.

How do I transfer my websites?

We offer free migration with Managed VPS. We will transfer your websites, scripts, databases, and emails from cPanel and DirectAdmin based servers to your High Frequency VPS with us. Please find more details here.

What is a VPS?

VPS is an isolated server that shares the hardware of a physical server; however, it performs like a standalone server where you can run your applications. It can be rebooted independently and has its own root access, IPs, users, memory, processes, ports, etc. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

What are the differences between VPS and Semi Dedicated Hosting?

The key difference is VPS comes with root access. You can install server software using root access. Semi Dedicated Hosting does not allow root access. But it comes bundled with many premium software. You will need to pay for software licenses on VPS. For more information, visit this page.

What is High Frequency VPS?

A High Frequency VPS is equipped with CPU cores that have fast single thread performance. These CPUs have high IPC performance and usually high clock speeds and are typically current generation CPUs. Current generation CPUs have the advantage of the latest innovations and advancements in IPC improvement, better memory handling, PCI bus enhancements, among others. All these translate to better performance per core per clock speed. That means a current generation CPU with a 3.0 GHz clock speed is likely to outperform an older generation CPU with the same 3.0 GHz clock speed.

At MechanicWeb, we spare no expense in bringing the latest and the fastest to deliver performance. Our High Frequency VPS infrastructure is powered by the fastest processors available in per core performance.

What is the benefit of a High Frequency VPS over a regular VPS?

Most tasks related to websites and databases (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, scripts, etc.) on a server are single threaded tasks. That means the server assigns a single CPU core to complete a single task. The faster the core, the faster the task completes. Multiple tasks complete multiple times faster when they use multiple fast cores. A High Frequency VPS completes these tasks faster than a regular VPS providing better page load times and handling larger traffic.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

A managed VPS is a virtual private server but without the overhead of server administration. Typically, you would want a managed VPS when you have outgrown shared or reseller hosting or need more CPU, RAM, etc. but do not want to handle server administration. With our fully managed High Frequency VPS, we handle server management, security, optimization, software updates, and troubleshooting. You get an entirely hands off hosting experience.

Can the Managed VPS be used without any prior experience in server administration?

Yes, of course. Our managed VPS hosting is designed specifically for users who do not have any experience in server administration. We provide you with an easy to use interface so that you can focus on your website without any concern of managing your server. We handle the server side tasks, maintenance, and troubleshooting just as we do with shared and reseller hosting.

Do you provide root access?

Yes, we provide full root access. If you do not already have it, please log in to your client area and open a ticket to get root access. If you do not have any prior experience in server administration, we recommend you do not use root access and let us handle server administration entirely.

Do you allow adult content?

No, hosting content that could be considered adult in nature is not allowed on any package listed on our website. Adult content is permitted on custom dedicated servers only and is subject to prior approval.

Do you allow mining or crypto?

No, anything related to crypto nodes, farming, or mining services for cryptocurrencies is not permitted on any package listed on our website. It is allowed on custom dedicated servers only and is subject to prior approval.

Do you block mail ports?

Mail ports on new unmanaged VPS are blocked by default. You can request an unblock at any time.

Managed VPS does not have any such restrictions.

What happens when I exceed my bandwidth?

Your network speed will be limited to 10 Mbps until the end of the month after you exceed your bandwidth limit. Your bandwidth limit will be reset on the first of every month. Consider upgrading to a larger package if you need more bandwidth than your plan allows.

Is it possible to switch between managed and unmanaged VPS?

It is not possible to switch to an unmanaged VPS from a managed VPS or unmanaged to managed. If you have a managed VPS and want to switch to an unmanaged VPS, you will need to order a new unmanaged VPS, and vice versa.

How safe is my data with you? What will happen if my data is lost due to a server or hardware failure?

Data safety is of the highest priority to us. All plans include free server backups taken daily. You can restore a backup from your VPS control panel.

Managed VPS plans come with an additional 100 GB of backup storage. We integrate the storage into your hosting control panel to take periodic automatic backups. The backups are stored on an offsite server located in a geographically different data center. You can easily restore your data from these offsite backups in the event of any data loss or server failure.

What is a Server Backup? Is it the same as a Snapshot?

Both snapshot and server backup create backups of your entire server. They allow reverting the whole server, including all installed software, server configuration, hosting accounts, and websites, to a previous date.

Snapshots are usually stored on the same host/storage node the VPS runs. We store the server backups on a remote storage server. This provides an additional level of reliability.

What is Offsite Backup Storage?

Offsite backup storage can be used to store backups of your websites, files, and emails on a separate server located in a geographically different data center. It keeps your data safe in the event of a server issue or a hardware failure. It is also useful to revert to a previous version of your websites and files if you accidentally delete something. You will be able to access, download, and restore the backups using the tools integrated into your DirectAdmin and cPanel control panels.

What is included in the Managed Service?

The managed service includes installation, configuration, and maintenance of your VPS, including but not limited to the following:

We do not hesitate to reach beyond our scope in providing support. Rest assured that we will have your back when you need us.

How much time does it take to set up my VPS?

The setup time varies based on the ordered service, upgrades, and whether it is managed or unmanaged.

Unmanaged VPS:
Instant setup. You will receive your VPS details via email a few minutes after payment is complete.

Managed VPS:
Up to 24 hours. Installing software does not take much time. But it takes time to configure them. Some providers simply install software and hand over the VPS. We perform several additional tasks after software installation, which require some time:

In the end, you get a properly configured, tested, and ready for use managed VPS.

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