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Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

MechanicWeb provides free SSL/TLS certificates with Let's Encrypt. Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority that provides free SSL/TLS certificates. In addition to being free, Let’s Encrypt certificates are fully automated, so they will be auto-renewed every 90 days before they expire. These certificates are recognized by all modern browsers and use a high level of cryptographic technology to secure connections. It is as secure as paid certificates and provides the same HTTPS protection to your website. It is integrated into cPanel and you can issue certificates for your websites with just a mouse click.

Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Benefits of Let's Encrypt SSL

Let's Encrypt provides 2048-bit encryption. In addition to having the benefits of SSL/TLS certificate, it has it's own benefits over other certificates:

It's Free & Automatic

Anyone who owns a domain name can obtain a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for free, with the click of a mouse. Software running on our servers can interact with Let’s Encrypt to painlessly obtain and install a certificate. There is no payment or validation email required.

Easier Installation

The deployment of a Let's Encrypt certificate for the end user is much easier with integrated sftware on our servers. There is no more generating a CSR, saving your private key, uploading your certificate and all the back and forth emails. For most deployments, it is a simple one-click process.

Automatic Renewal

Renewing Let's Encrypt certificate is as smooth as breeze. You won't have to do anything on your part. Any certificates generated through MechanicWeb are renewed automatically in the background.

Domain Validation - Easy to Obtain

Let’s Encrypt certificates are domain validation certificates, which in turn results allows easier and hassle free deployments and renewals.

Browser Compatibility

Certificates are trusted in all major browsers and operating systems. Let’s Encrypt aims to be compatible with as much software as possible without compromising security.


Let’s Encrypt submits all certificates to certificate transparency logs as they are issued. You can view all issued Let’s Encrypt certificates at, a free CT log certificate search tool from Sectigo (formerly Comodo).

Let's Encrypt vs Paid Certificates

There is no difference in the protection these certificates offer. Certificates created by Let's Encrypt are functionally identical to any certificate you'd spend money for elsewhere. They're recognized as secure across all major web browsers with no additional work or configuration required by users.

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