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SSL Certificates Overview

Domain, Business & Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Why Do I Need SSL?

SSL certificates are designed for securing ecommerce websites carrying out high-volume and high-value transactions. Recenly, google also puts websites with SSL in higher ranking.

If you are concerened about security of your web communication, website content or search engine ranking, SSL is a must for you.

An SSL certificate makes your site safer

There are good reasons to get an SSL certificate if you do any type of commerce online. It’s a good habit to get into if you want to build a successful business. A single incident, such as getting your site hacked, can be catastrophic – not only financially but in terms of the trust your customers have in your and your business.

An SSL certificate is a relatively inexpensive way to have a high degree of security for your website. It also shows visitors that you are aware of security issues and that you run a safe and professional business.

Which SSL Is Best For Me?

There are several types of SSL certificates. The level of protection that you need will determine what kind of certificate you should get. More sophisticated certificates provide a higher level of data encryption. They also guarantee a higher level of financial security. Different types of certificates guarantee your security up to different levels. In this manner, the certificate serves as a type of insurance against security breaches. It greatly reduces the chances of anything going wrong, and even if it does you are protected if you have the certificate!

If you are running a non-ecommerce website, you might want to get a Positive SSL to secure your website content and increase your search engine ranking on google. It is an ideal choice for securing new, small and medium-sized businesses and web pages with limited traffic. Positive SSL is an affordable, domain-validated certificate and is usually issued within minutes. It provides strong 128-/256-bit encryption and comes with a free Trust Logo.

The Sectigo (formerly Comodo) SSL certificate is designed for securing ecommerce websites carrying out high-volume and high-value transactions. It’s a DV certificate – Sectigo not only validates the domain name, it also provides a $250,000 warranty.

You probably know that each SSL certificate is issued to a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). That means and are two separate FQDNs. So to secure both FQDNs, you need two different SSL or something that gives you more when you need to secure a number of subdomains on the same domain name. With Positive SSL Wildcard, you can easily secure an unlimited number of subdomains of the same domain.

Domain Validation SSL Certificate
Domain Validation SSL Certificate

These certificates are the fastest to get, isssued within minutes and do not require any paprework. They are very simple to get, just require email validation and no other paperwork. You will be sent an email that you have to reply to and this will allow the certificate to be generated. This is a very quick process.

Business Validation SSL Certificate
Business Validation SSL Certificate

This type of SSL certificate needs some paperwork. It is necessary to go through the email validation process and then send business documentation as well. The security provided is higher and therefore if you have a business ecommerce site, it can provide the trust needed to encourage business.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate
Extended Validation SSL Certificate

The EV certificate was designed to strengthen ecommerce security and combat phishing attacks. The green address bar prominently displays your company name and provides highly visual assurance to customers that your site is secure - immediately giving them the trust & confidence to complete their transaction.

What Is An SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?

SSL (or Secured Sockets Layer) is a standardized technology, used to establish an encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser. The connection that is established when using an SSL certificate ensures that any data that passes remain private and encrypted.

SSL has been an industry standard for long, and is becoming increasingly important for any website – not to say vital for any ecommerce website. If you’re visting a website that uses the “https://”-protocol in the web adress, you know they’re using SSL.

The first purpose of SSL is to encrypt communication between the web server and the web browser of the visitor. This ensures any content being transmitted to the web server is encrypted and any malicious interception would be rendered pointless as the data would be fully encrypted with only the web server being able to decrypt it.

The second purpose of an SSL certificate is authentication. As an SSL certificate is issued by a 3rd party company, a level of validation is performed to make sure the certificate is generated only for the domain it is intended for and that you have control over. When a potential customer visits your website, their browser will automatically try to authenticate the certificate with the CA (certificate authority) to make sure any data sent to the web server is being sent to the intended target and not a spoofed server.

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