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VPS Hosting FAQ

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VPS Hosting FAQ

How do I transfer my websites?

We offer free migration service from cPanel and DirectAdmin based servers to transfer all your website files, scripts, databases, emails, and control panel settings from your previous service provider to your VPS hosting with us.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

A managed VPS is a virtual private server but without the overhead of server administration. Typically, you would want a managed VPS when you have outgrown shared or reseller hosting or need more server resources but do not want to handle server administration. Our managed VPS hosting is capable of accommodating high performance workloads. We handle server management, security, optimization, software updates, and troubleshooting.

Can the Managed VPS be used without any prior experience in server administration?

Yes, of course. Our managed VPS hosting is designed specifically for users who do not have any experience in server administration. We provide you with an easy to use environment so that you can focus on your website without any concern of managing your server. We handle the server side tasks, maintenance, and troubleshooting just as we do with shared or reseller hosting.

Do you provide root access?

Yes, we provide full root access. Please log in to your client area and open a ticket to get root access. If you do not have any prior experience in server administration, we recommend you do not use root access and let us handle server administration entirely.

How safe is my data with you? What will happen if my data is lost due to a server or hardware failure?

Data safety is of the highest priority with us. We use RAID protected storage arrays. RAID safeguards your data by writing it on multiple disks so that no data is lost in the event of a hardware or server failure.

Additionally, we offer remote backup storage to safeguard your data.

What is Remote Backup Storage?

Remote backup storage can be used to store backups of your websites, files, and emails on a separate server. It keeps your data safe in the event of a server issue or a hardware failure. It is also useful to revert to a previous version of your websites and files in case you accidentally delete something. You will be able to access, download, and restore the backups using the tools integrated into your DirectAdmin and cPanel control panels.

Remote backup storage is available for a small fee.

How much time does it take to setup my Managed VPS Hosting?

It takes 4 - 24 hours to deliver a fully configured managed VPS. Some providers simply install DirectAdmin or cPanel and hand the server over to you. We perform a number of tasks before delivering a new managed VPS:

In the end, you get a properly configured, tested, and ready for use manage VPS.

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